Shirt Campaign

Amplifying BIPoC voices and raising awareness for nonprofits.

A series of shirts designed by various BIPoC artists, each shirt raising awareness for a particular nonprofit. 100% of the shirt proceeds are donated to featured nonprofit.

100% of Proceeds go to Featured Nonprofit

Featured Artists

Deidra (DJ) McKnight

Summer 2020 Featured Artist

McKensi Payne

Fall 2020 Featured Artist

Naomi Likayi

Spring 2021 Featured Artist

Murmur AAPI Group

Summer 2021 Featured Artists

Rosa Phan

Fall 2021 Featured Artist

Chelsea Pham

2022 Featured Artist

Campaign Initiative: We hope to call attention to nonprofits and the causes they fight for, elevate BIPOC artists' work, and harness the design community's power to create tangible change on an ongoing basis.

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Are you a BIPoC artist interested in designing our next shirt?

We are looking for designers! To apply, please fill out our contact form including the following; 1) Submit a link to your portfolio. Insta link works too! 2) Please include a brief statement of your design idea (this can be a sentence in length and the design does not need to relate to the featured nonprofit that you select. The design can reflect your aesthetic, voice, choice of subject matter, etc.)

Please Note: This campaign currently takes place annually.

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Featured Nonprofits

Black Lives Matter

Don't Shoot PDX

Black Futures Farm

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition

Asian Health & Service Center

Pacific Islander & Asian Family Center

Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization

Stop AAPI Hate

Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) coalition

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Previous Shirt Designs

Our previously designed shirts have raised awareness for nonprofits and the causes they fight for. 100% of the shirt proceeds are donated to a nonprofit!

Note: These initial campaigns have ended.

Links to past campaigns:

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