Terms & Conditions

Please read this Artist Agreement carefully before accepting participation.

By participating in the Agencies of Change poster show you are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions indicates the understanding of and agreement to abide by the following guidelines:

Format and Media

The show is dedicated exclusively to poster art.

You are responsible for printing your own posters. We will provide a list of suggested resources, some of which have offered discounted printing and/or paper.

Recommended printing options include screen printing, letterpress, risograph, lino print, lithograph, or digital.

Poster Size

You have the freedom to print the dimensions you see fit but we ask that the poster feel special because it is a limited printed art piece.

Recommended poster dimensions include 11" x 17" / 14" x 25" / 18" x 24"

Poster Quantities

32 Copies total:

1 Murmur Creative Copy -- signed & marked "AP" (Artist Proof)

1 Non-Profit Copy (Gifted to the Nonprofit) -- signed & marked "AP" (Artist Proof)

30 Sale Copies -- signed & numbered (1-30)

Poster Sales

All posters will be priced at $30.00 per print.

All Proceeds from the event will be donated to Raphael House of Portland.

Any unsold Sale Copies will be donated to local community centers.

Key Dates

  • 07/10/2020 Artist confirm participation
  • 07/20/2020 Artists send poster details
  • 07/31/2020 Artists drop off posters
  • 08/03/2020 Poster Show

Artist Commitment

By checking the box, you are committing to creating original artwork for the Agencies of Change Poster Show. Agencies of Change reserves the right to evaluate and choose which posters will be displayed and shown during the event. Agencies of Change will inform all participants prior to the event of the posters chosen for inclusion.

Once this agreement is submitted, you are expected to meet all the deadlines and requirements listed above.

The poster you produce for this show is a donation. You will not be compensated for the time or resources used in creating this poster or for the cost of printing. By submitting your poster, you allow us to use the image in print and digital promotional materials and to sell the printed posters on the Agencies of Change website. Artists maintain ownership of their poster design, though we ask that you do not promote or sell your poster outside of the Agencies of Change event or while there are still copies for sale through Agencies of Change website.

We understand that life happens and sometimes things are out of your control. If you have a sudden unexpected, unavoidable life event and can't submit your posters, please email us as soon as possible at agenciesofchange@murmurcreative.com.

Agencies of Change Rights and Responsibilities

Agencies of Change and its partners are responsible for organizing, planning, promoting, and staffing the event.

Agencies of Change and its partners reserve the right to use images of posters for promotional or publishing purposes.

Agencies of Change will take all reasonable measures to protect poster artwork before, during, and after the event.

Agencies of Change is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to your poster artwork while in its possession or on display.

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