Pursuit of Social Justice in the Workplace

As an agency we want to be transparent in our pursuit of social justice. As part of that pursuit, we have asked ourselves:

  • What can we do?
  • What do we want to achieve?

We've found that other agencies are feeling the same way, and asking the same questions, so we created this collection of resources. Our hope is for this to become a living document that is a resource for agencies everywhere; something that can help lead us toward an anti-racist future.

We can't go back to how things were.
The only direction is forward.

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Below is a list of what steps agencies are taking towards ending inequity.

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Section 1: Action Items to Consider

Paid Holiday: Juneteenth

Close studio/offices for the day in recognition of Juneteenth. Ask your team to spend the day engaging in self-education, action, and activism. Stand in solidarity, and promise to uplift and amplify Black voices in the face of injustice and inequity.

June 19, 1865, known as Juneteenth, marks a pivotal point in Black history. Although Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation two and a half years earlier in 1863, it wasn't until this date that the last enslaved African Americans in Galveston, TX were informed that slavery had been abolished. Juneteenth is a day for Black communities to celebrate this historical victory, but it is also a time for others to reflect on and acknowledge the deeply-rooted systemic racism that continues to pervade this country.

Employee Donation Matching

Match a dollar amount per employee, per year. This increases the amount of money sent to nonprofits and community aid organizations, reinforces employee agency, and helps foster a more diverse aid/nonprofit landscape.

Sustaining Company Donation

As an agency, consider a sustaining (ongoing) yearly donation to an organization doing anti-racist work. Prioritize Black-led organizations.

Update, Implement, and Stick To Internal Policies

Hire a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) firm to examine hiring policies and internal culture.

It's called "systemic racism" because it's in your systems: Be prepare to take a hard, possibly uncomfortable look at how you operate (or don't operate) as an organization.

VTO (Volunteer Time Off)

Offer one day a year—or a certain number of hours a year—of paid time off to volunteer in the community.

Company DEI Committee

A team of employees working together to hold the company accountable on promises, commitments, and action items.

This is an ongoing effort.

Yearly Pro Bono Budget for Working with Anti-Racist Nonprofits

Offer pro bono services in your area of expertise.

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Section 2: Pro Bono Services

Looking to offer pro bono services but unsure where to begin?

Join a network of agencies working on a project together

  • Visible Studio is a 501c3 non-profit creative agency that provides logos and websites to BIPoC-owned businesses and causes, and a paid internship and mentorship program with the goal to increase representation within the design industry.⁠

Add a page to your website for pro bono service submissions

  • List the pro bono services you offer, what your budget/limitations are, how to apply, and a timeline for project.
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Section 3: Education & Training

Educational Experiences

Book a presentation, program, or workshop led by author and educator Walidah Imarisha. Participants will be guided through an interactive timeline of Black history in Oregon that speaks to the history of race, identity and power in this state and the nation.

DEI Training Organization

Workplace Change: a culturally progressive Human Resource firm that creates measurable change in America’s workplaces. Embedding Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Within Every HR Service.

This Resources Page was last updated on: 07.15.20

If your agency is making strides and implementing new anti-racist practices, we want to hear about it and add to our list to inform others. Help us grow this list and email us at: with action items your agency are taking!

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