AAPI Fundraiser

Limited Edition Poster

13” x 19” Poster

All proceeds from poster sales went directly to Asian Health & Services Center. Our limited print run of posters featured metallic gold ink on Lynx Super Smooth paper. This fundraiser ran through the month of June 2021, and we raised $1200 for Asian Health and Services Center.

AAPI Poster

We Live Under the Same Sun

Benefiting AHSC

Agencies of Change together with Murmur Creative, is deeply saddened by the Atlanta Shootings and the countless displays of violence toward Asian Americans. At Murmur, we are proud to have members of the AAPI community make up the fabric of our workplace culture and contribute to our agency at every tier. This design is a direct byproduct of their efforts and discussions around working to end violence against Asian Americans and is a direct reflection of each of their cultures.

AAPI Sun Badge

A Future of Equity & Equality

As a prevalent symbol in many Asian cultures, the sun represents our commitment to hope and unity in the face of racism. By purchasing a poster, a t-shirt, or donating directly to AHSC, you’ll help to sustain the wellbeing of the AAPI community of Portland. Flanked by Korean, Chinese, and Tagalog translations and printed in metallic gold ink, the design works to take the pain of this moment in time and transform it into a bright horizon.

About Asian Health & Service Center

Asian Health and Service Center (AHSC) is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization that has served the Portland metro region since 1983. The mission of AHSC is to be the bridge between Asian and American culture and build a harmonious community. Our vision is to reduce health inequity and improve healthcare quality for all Asians. As a nonprofit organization, AHSC depends largely on donated time and money to provide its services. According to a 2007 study by Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, foundation giving to Asian communities has not kept pace with the growth of these communities or with increased foundation assets. That is why individual donations are more important than ever before.

AAPI Shirt

Shirt Campaign

Limited Edition Shirt

We Live Under The Same Sun was featured for the fourth quarter AofC shirt campaign of 2021! These shirts are incredibly soft and will feature silk screened metallic gold ink. Proceeds from the shirt campaign were combined with the poster sales and went directly to AHSC.

Note: The initial campaign has ended, but you can request this shirt come back. If enough people sign up Real Thread will do another print run!

Request Shirt Come Back

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